bitter coldsunrise – 6:48     sunset – 6:16
winter countdown – day 75 of 90

I walked into town to buy €-euros (The exchange rate is really good.) and brought along the camera. The weather is strange – yesterday the ice was melting, but by last night the rain turned to snow and there’s now well over 3″ on the ground. (March is certainly coming in as a lion.) The landscape too is strange. With the sun it’s this beautiful winter-wonderland; with the overcast it’s grey and depressing. The two alternated all day.

The above image is during a cloud sweep, leaving the entire mountain-side dingy and dark. And all I did was remove the brown from the building on the far right; the scene was as dark and gloomy as is represented by the photograph.

The walk to town was easy, but by the time I was walking home, the temperature was dropping and it wasn’t fun walking in the bitter cold. It was the first time I’d been out with sweats and not dressed for winter in a while. (Guess I’m just so ready for this mess to be over.)