putzing around – getting ready for spring-planting

new-potsThe terra-cotta pots did not last the winter. I’ve been using these large left-over containers for eggplant. (My dad mentioned that eggplants won’t fruit if planted where the ground gets cold at night. And that in this environment, unlike Italy, they need to be in pots if I want to improve the probability of getting fruit.) So yesterday, I went to Home Depot and bought 3 large plastic pots. These will hold my eggplants. (Getting rid of the terra-cotta also means getting rid of heavy pots that make re-landscaping tough work.)

I put the 3 new pots in the back and that meant rearranging everything else. This year the new addition is a bird-bath – top left-hand corner. (It was a solution to getting rid of a large glass dish from the dining room table.) I found the stand at the local grocery store and decided to use the large bowl that had been on my table full of winter hats, gloves and scarves. I incorporated the ceramic marble into the area and moved the tall glass cylinder full of real marbles to the front.

Was talking to my cousin who just bought a town-house in Mississauga and I asked him if he liked to putz around in the dirt. He answered that he hated it. I told him the cultural-police were going to revoke his Italian ancestry. I also asked Rose what she and Derrick are going to do about gardening when they are living 6 months in Kaua’i and 6 months in an apartment state-side. Haven’t received an answer yet.