8 – proscuitti and apronssunrise – 7:40, sunset – 5:21
9 hours and 41 minutes of daylight
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Sausages 075It’s Monday morning and we’re packing the salami for our trip home. My dad bought a plastic tub (The black container is on the floor, under the mops, between Rick and my dad.) and I think everything will fit. The apron Rick is wearing was the prompt for the pic. Isn’t it the best? It’s one of my mom’s aprons. The image also has all the mechanics of the laundry room and I wanted to show them.

The proscuitti have been in a salt brine since Saturday and this morning my dad cleaned off the excess salt and coated them with pepper and paprika. They will be the first things into the plastic container, but until we’re ready they’ll hang in the cold-cellar for a couple of hours. This will shed or dry any excess moisture.

The highlight of the day will be lunch. My dad promised to serve moose meat. And sure enough by 11:30 a beautiful roast sat on the table surrounded by soft roasted carrots. It looked really good, but I stay away from game much to my dad’s displeasure. I ate a fava and pasta soup and some salad. There’s no way I can eat a full lunch and not want to sleep afterwards. And given that I’m all hepped up over getting through customs with our meat products, I had little appetite.

In packing the car, I suggested we casually throw our winter coats over the luggage and meat container.

It’s been a very short visit, but we have a four hour trip down to Oxford, an overnight at Rose-and-Derrick’s before we head out for the five hour trip home to Pittsburgh.