a new camera – d7100sunrise – 7:43, sunset – 5:10
9 hours and 27 minutes of daylight

buckets9It was time to upgrade to a camera with more mega-pixels and replace the d90. And like an old fashion immigrant, I started putting money aside. (Tell me that isn’t anti-modern, anti-consumer.) The d7100 is an entry level camera, but I need one of those. There are enough times when I hand someone a camera to take a pic of the group of us and it has to be something a stranger can just point-and-shoot. I also like the no-flash feature.

The Christmas anxiety and hype seem to have disappeared. It’s as if the season never existed.

The weather has been unusual; today it’s 53o and the sun is out. In the image, I like the glow it casts onto the buckets and the nylon strings. But January always has this confusing period when we pretend that winter will stay away or stay north and not reach down into south-western Pennsylvania. And we are always disillusioned when the frigid temperatures grip the land and we start the count-down to March 21.

Don’t know if I have too much info in the header. Between the sunrise/sunset, the hours of daylight and the countdown to March 21 it looks a bit crowded. So I removed the countdown.