10 – the cold-cellar at mim’ssunrise – 7:40, sunset – 5:22
9 hours and 42 minutes of daylight
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sausage-mimThis is the last entry of the making salami posts.

In five days, we drove 1200 miles; made proscuitti, soppressate and salsiccie with my dad; brought everything back; and hung them in Mim’s cold-cellar in Forest Hills. Both my dad and Rose suggested hanging the meat low. This keeps it away from the warmest and least humid ceiling area. And the shelf in the cold-room should be a good elevation.

There were two stressful times – at the Sault-Michigan border and driving through the Mackinaw/Grayling snow-belt. At the border, the worry was getting across with the meat; in the snow-belt, the worry was getting safely through the blinding conditions.

We now have to monitor the drying to make certain that the proscuitti and soppressate cure.