memoriessunrise – 7:38, sunset – 5:26
9 hours and 48 minutes of daylight

Found the FB page – Calabria ieri – and these three amazing images. I downloaded the one on the left, because my parents had that same picture of the Holy Family in their bedroom in Aprigliano. Today it’s in Jo’s old bedroom. I’ve been meaning to take it, maybe next time I’m up. The image in the middle is the best. I couldn’t pass up. I love his head against the wall and his looking down. And that has to be his sister keeping guard, right? Mi piace troppo. The image on the right is there, because of the brazier. I remember us having one and my playing on the wooden stand holding the copper dish with the coals. Also, I love the two women; there’s a wonderful sense of camaraderie and ease; and those shoes, and those big feet – OMG.
57 days till spring