bagnara calabra and the strait of messinasunrise – 7:32, sunset – 5:35
10 hours and 03 minutes of daylight

reggioWhen I borrow someone else’s photograph, I usually write down all the attributing info so that I can add it to the post. But, I can’t remember which site or from whose FB page I downloaded this image.

The image is taken from the small town of Bagnara Calabra. The town sits north of Reggio on the coast looking across the Strait of Messina. And there looms Etna in all its winter beauty. (My favorite part of our week in Pellaro – August 2009 – was having dinner on the roof-terrace and seeing the volcano on the horizon. Then in 2014, when we drove right by it on the Autostrada, the immensity was something I had never considered. When you see it from far away, there is no sense of scale. Etna is enormous. Being below it and realizing that there is a whole city at its base was disconcerting. I don’t understand how you live at the base of an active volcano.)

Wanted to compare sunrise and sunset between Pittsburgh, Aprigliano and Sault Ste Marie.
Pittsburgh – 10 hours and 03 minutes (7:32 – 5:35)
Aprigliano – 10 hours and 10 minutes (7:03 – 5:12)
Sault Ste Marie – 9 hours and 30 minutes (8:02 – 5:37)

49 days till spring