on the dunes of the red-moonkaua’i 2016 – 6th entry
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moonscapeToday we headed south to Waimea. The drive up to the canyon is always a surprise to people who do it for the first time. (This was my 4th trip up the mountain.) The stream is one of my favorite locations on the ride up. The red soil surrounding the stream really does look extra-terrestrial. It’s hard to believe that the black lava-rocks disintegrate to red soil. And I have no understanding of why the banks of the stream have no vegetation. (L to R – Derrick, Dom, Mary, Alyssa, Rose)

At the first overlook, we could see the canyon and two waterfalls; at the second overlook, the one facing the ocean, the mist was so dense you could see nothing. We turned around and headed back down to Waimea. There’s a taco hut calling our names.

We always stop at the Taco Place for lunch and I always get a vegetarian taco. It’s a deep fried taco shell filled with fresh veggies.