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Yesterday, I drove to Toronto, parked the car at Dave’s, took a cab to City Island and got on a plane to Sault Ste Marie. (So much easier than the two-day drive.) By 5:30, I was sitting in my parents’ house having supper.

This morning, I look out the window and there are Ciccio and Dominic, at the backyard picnic-table, having breakfast – fave, wine, home-made bread and zucchini-flower fritters. It was 7:00 am. I walked out with my espresso to eat some fave and a couple of fritters. (Ciccio made the fritters without salt. Not recommended. And, I like my fave cooked; they are bitter, raw.)

When I mentioned that in the spring, online there were images of Italians eating fave, bread and drinking wine for breakfast, my dad said that in Calabria the fave were ready for the feast of St. Michael in early May. Whoa! that is two months earlier than here in Northern Ontario.

I didn’t visit long; it was in the low-sixties and I had on a tee and shorts.