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Last night, Connie, Ron and I went to the reception for Lily and Michael – Marisa’s son and daughter-in-law. Lily and Michael live in Taiwan, and were married last year. This is their first trip back to Sault Ste Marie and Michael’s parents had a reception for the newlyweds.

The image is Marisa, Connie and Marisa’s mom – Commare Amalia. Connie and Marisa are old friends, they grew up and got in trouble together. Commare Amalia and Mafalda grew up together in Aprigliano and have maintained their close friendship all there years.

It was nice to see people that I haven’t seen in years. Guido Caputo, a guy I went to high-school with, came over and said hello and Ugo Le Pera, a guy i grew up with in Aprigliano, also came over to visit and chat. Had I met either of them on the street, I would never have recognized them. I also got to visit with Lina Fragomeni (née Musso) and with Franca Caputo (née Pedatello). The Musso family and my Dad were very close; they came from the same parish in Aprigliano; and back in the 1960’s the two families spent a lot of time together. The Pedatello family lived across the street. Emilio Pedatello designed, built and installed the modern looking cupboards in my parents’ upstairs kitchen.