a leaf in the parkcanada 2016 – july(9)
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High-Park 002Asomething that was once an anticipation will become a memory
In the stifling heat, Frank and I still got in a walk in. And like other times, we head for High Park and the trail around Grenadier Pond.

The planter is shaped like a maple-leaf and filled with red impatiens. Toronto has many such planters. On the Gardiner, on a slope across from Exhibition Place, are a number of floral advertisements that use flowers and shrubs to create corporate logos. The first time I saw these was back in the Sixties and then, the most prominent one was for Tip Top Tailors. (Their old Art Deco headquarters, on Lakeshore Boulevard, near the entrance to Toronto City Airport, has been turned into expensive lofts.)

I’m the first wave of out-of-town guests for David-and-Marc’s wedding. Tomorrow, Frank and Norma are hosting his family from Sault Ste Marie for brunch. There’s a calm sense of anticipation, but today is for politics; for two old hippies to analyze the Republican Convention. I tell Frank that I’m so glad to be in Canada while that miserable slug-fest is taking place. I do mention how I’m keeping track of the events geared to broaden The Donald’s appeal (after-all isn’t that what conventions are for?) and to gauge if they’re successful. I explain:
– Melania’s speech was well received, but then lost its impact when it was revealed that it had been plagiarized. (first effort goes awry)
– Chris Christie’s call-and-response was too much like a Nazi rally. (second effort scares the shit out of most Independents)
– Trump’s daughter is too Steford for a modern audience. (third effort misses its mark)
– Ted Cruz doesn’t endorse The Donald, rather he tells people to vote their conscience. (fourth effort gets derailed)
– Mike Pence to way too bland. (fifth effort doesn’t catch fire)
– The Donald’s speech was dark and exclusionary and scary (last effort leaves a national audience shocked)