well, i’ve been up to the mountain
walked down by the sea
i never questioned no one
and no one questioned me
my love was given freely
and oftimes was returned
i never came to borrow
only came to learn

ochre court mansion – administrative building – salve regina campus, newport, rhode island

saturday, september 28, 2019


– the architectural details become more ornamental towards the roof
– the sun-dial on the chimney face
– the rounded-corners on the windows
– the mansard roof
– the blue greys – stone, roof, sky

dimension – 1300 x 1482 pixels
resolution – 72 ppi
f-stop (aperture opening) – f/10.0
shutter speed – 1/500
iso – 500

post-production – the original image had an additional lawn-light which go eliminated using the clone stamp; lens correction eliminated much of the key-stoning

to see 1300 x 1482 original, click on the above image

camera – nikon Ƶ7
lens – nikon 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G

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