deep in december it’s nice to remember
without a hurt the heart is hollow
deep in december it’s nice to remember
the fire of september that made us mellow
deep in december our hearts should remember
and follow

along the coast in front of the christian brothers center
is this famous split boulder

taken – friday, september 27, 2019


– the slant of the cut in the rock
– the brown staining on bottom and the light-grey of the rest of the boulder
– the rock layers that ground the upright boulder
– the smaller stone in the bottom right seems to wedge the boulder to the left

dimension of original – 864 x 1191 pixels
resolution – 72 ppi
f-stop (aperture opening) – f/10.0
shutter speed – 1/2000
iso – 500

post-production – the original image was severely cropped to focus strictly on the boulder; and the imported image had to be proportionately shrunk to fit on the page (its height was the problem)

to see the 864 x 1191 original, click on the above image

camera – nikon Ƶ7
lens – nikkor S 24-70/4 S

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