you must remember this
a kiss is still a kiss
a sign is just a sigh
the fundamental things apply
as time goes by
moonlight and love songs never out of date
hearts full of passion, jealously and hate

this windmill, minus vanes, was the summer-home
of a priest from providence
the windmill is on clarke road,
west of the christian brothers center

taken – thursday, september 26, 2019


– the windmill housing through the pine trees
– the window configuration, leaving one small one in the cap
– the low stone-wall paralleling clarke road
– the lawn beginning its descent into fall

dimension – 1856 x 1275 pixels
resolution – 72 ppi
f-stop (aperture opening) – f/10.0
shutter speed – 1/500
iso – 500

post-production – the utility pole and wires were clone stamped; the image was cropped to focus the eye on the windmill housing.

to see the 1856 x 1275 original, click on the above image

camera – nikon Ƶ7
lens – nikkor S 24-70/4 S

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