Last night, I watched an interview with Sidney Lumet. And one topic that he kept coming back to was – what happens to the children of radicals. Four of his films – Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Running on Empty, 12 Angry Men and Daniel – try to examine this disturbing topic.

Also, an amazing short – Tragedy In A Temporary Town – from his days in early TV, deals with what happens to a young man when there’s mob-rule. Lloyd Bridges, as the antagonist, is amazing.

All of this had me thinking of what has happened with the children of many of the ‘radicals’ of the current administration.

  • the children of the out-going president
  • Michael Flynn’s son
  • Kellyanne Conway’s daughter
  • Giuliani’s daughter who is estranged from him and his son who works for the current administration
  • Kyle Rittenhouse, whose mother dropped him off in Kenosha, Wisconsin in the middle of a riot (the above image is of the young man with supporters and the featured image is of the young man among the vigilante in Kenosha)
  • and finally the children of the migrant, seeking asylum, who were separated from their parents and locked up in cages

The Media and the Left have focused on the outrageous behavior of the out-going president; who will finally look-at/examine the tragedy, the abuse of what the adults, associated with the current administration, have brought on their children?