it came …

I’m having an absolute ball listening to Brian Muraresku’s The Immortality Key. The other day I was walking in North Park and laughing at his telling of the story of Persephone and Dionysus at the wedding feast. Muraresku makes some amazing statements …

  • the Greek language makes no distinction between madness and drunkenness
  • ——————————————————————————————————–
  • New Testament scholars acknowledge the Bible isn’t the most accurate record of historical events
  • the story of the Wedding in Cana is only in the Gospel of John (I had forgotten that) and it’s a retelling of the story of Persephone and Dionysus – a story of Persephone asking her son to help at a wedding feast and Dionysus changing water into wine, at the prodding of his mother
  • if you read Euripides’ The Bacchae and the Gospel of John side by side, . . . the same scenes show up, sometimes even the same words
  • the early Church Fathers were well aware of the disconcerting relationship between Dionysus and Jesus
  • ——————————————————————————————————–
  • the pagan continuity hypothesis – if drugged wine was the Greek’s path to immortality, did a drugged Eucharist offer the first Christians the kind of experience reported by the participants of the psilocybin experiments at Hopkins and NYU
  • did the original Eucharist promise the dissolution of the self and the melting away of barriers mentioned by the Jewish, Christian and Islamic mystics
  • without the genuine psychedelic sacrament inherited from the Greeks, how could a placebo Eucharist convince anyone to drop paganism
  • ——————————————————————————————————–
  • the original, obscured truth of Christianity has nothing to do with worshiping Jesus, and everything to do with becoming Jesus
  • if the Greeks didn’t need Jesus to find salvation, why do we
  • ——————————————————————————————————–
  • according to Carl Ruck – author of The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries – the true origin of Jesus’ Greek name is the root for drug or poison

Some Explanations
– today was our first snowfall
– the title is from Chim Chimney from Mary Poppins;
Up where the smoke is all billered and curled
‘Tween pavement and stars is the chimney sweep world
When there’s ‘ardly no day nor ‘ardly no night
There’s things ‘alf in shadow and ‘alfway in light

– the photo is of the various garden-posts clustered in the back-corner flowerbed;
– and the tag next to the pic is from the carol – It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.

Don’t ask what Mary Poppins, tomato stakes and a Christmas carol have to do with psilocybin, the Greeks and the Eucharist, because I don’t have an answer. But in my head these 6 topics all travel the same neurological pathways.