This is going to be a list

  • as of this writing, winter will end in 75days, 18hours, 24minutes and 33seconds
  • I hate winter
  • the featured image is a painting – Winter Sunset – by Shirley Netherton; the above image is stock wallpaper from somewhere online
  • today I’m 73years old
  • it always shocks me to remember that my family left warm, sunny, but poor Calabria for winter ravaged Northern Ontario and NO, I never made peace with it
  • and now I live in the city with the second most number of days with NO sunshine
  • my friends have labelled the following text as dark – in 1914, the British upper classes sent their young to die in the trenches of France; today in America, corporations recruit and then charge the young admission to go to sports venues that are infestations of COVID; but not a problem, the cost of hospitalization, therapies and missed workdays will be paid by the American taxpayer
  • winter marks the return of the crows – a murder of crows flies over my house every day around 5:00pm. I think this murder is coming from across the river; the crows roost along the hillside above the Strip District