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Yesterday, a cousin posted that her dad – Franchino Barberio – had passed away on Saturday, January 22. With zu Franchino’s death, there are only three remaining Apriglianesi of my parents’ generation – my mother, Cum’Amalia, and Maria Capisciolti – in Northern Ontario.

All my life, the Apriglianesi in Sault Ste Marie and my cousins Rusaria-and-Franchino Barberio of Sudbury were a very close group of Italian immigrants all from Aprigliano, Cosenza. Rusaria-and-Franchino (Franchino’s mother and my dad’s father were siblings) came often to Sault Ste Marie. They visited with my parents and their other cousins the Capisciolti. The Barberios came in January to make sausage, in the spring to celebrate Easter, and in the fall to gather mushrooms, make tomato sauce and make wine. And let’s not forget that they also drove in for all the important family events – baptisms, weddings, funerals.

The Apriglianesi of Sault Ste Marie and the Barberios of Sudbury, numbered about 12.