come on vogue

balcony5AMarco Passaro posted the image on the italian-street-photography FB page. The image was shot in Rome near the Pantheon. Here, in Western Pennsylvania, the mornings are still too dim and too chilly to sit outside and have breakfast. (One of the things I like best about Kaua’i in March, is having breakfast on the lanai and watching the eastern sky turn blue with the sunrise.)

And even though we’ve had a mild winter and I have put the rose-bush and the rosemary outside, the weather is still variable. Denver had a mild spring day on Tuesday and a severe, blinding snow-storm yesterday. Patterns here show that March 17 seems to be dividing line between winter and spring weather.

I’ve always wanted to go to Italy in late-spring/early-summer mainly to see the country-side in bloom and to sit on a balcony and drink my espresso and eat my Nutella filled cornetto as the sun warms the sky.