new flooring in downstairs large-room

flooring2After many years, I’m replacing the abused carpet in the downstairs large-room with a laminate wood-floor.

Spent yesterday emptying out the bookshelves, the side-board, the coat-closets and this morning moving the TV/cable table and the computer/printer table into the hall. And where I liked the color of the carpet that was down, it had been terribly abused by the 8 dogs we’ve had over the years. And given its light color, it did not do well in this high-trafficked room.

This morning, I had to figure out how to lay the flooring-planks and I decided to have them run north/south – the direction of the room. I also figured that it would make the room seem longer if the eye went north/south when looking down at the flooring. An Amish family from north-east Ohio is doing the installation. The young man in the image on the left is bringing in the planks and laying them down as they will be installed. The planks are floated on top of a padding. No nails or mastic are used to secure the new flooring onto the old joists.