nebbia – morning fog

Franco Middonno took the above image. And it’s described on his FB page as: Nebbia sul Golfo di Sibari, visto da Albidona. (I sent Franco a message asking if I could use his image in a blog post and he very generously gave me permission.)

The modern name for Golfo di Sibari is Golfo di Corigliano and it it part of the huge Gulf of Taranto – the body of water between the spur of Puglia and the eastern coast of northern Calabria. Franco shot the image from the hill-town of Albidona. Under the dense clouds are the golf waters.

What I like best about the image are the telephone/electrical poles and wires at the edge of the green. The poles and wires put a human dimension into a surreal landscape.

The motivation for the post is the experience of mixing cold and hot. In north-eastern Calabria, the mixture produced a cloud-blanket over the warm waters. In south-western Pennsylvania the contradiction left us freezing and full of fear that winter hadn’t lost its bite. Last week it was so warm I took the pots of roses and rosemary out into the garden to soak in the sun. But withing 3 days I had to haul them back in, because snow and freezing cold had vanquished the warmth. (I know it’s a last hurrah, but MAN is it depressing.)