onion domes

Pittsburgh's Eastern European heritage is evident in the many onion dome churches that dot the hillsides. Many of these structures are found in the sount and west communities of the city and county.

The first group is photos from Carnegie, Pennsylvania. There are two churches - Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church and Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox G. C. Church - next to each other in the lower part of town. Holy Virgin has the gold leaf domes and Saints Peter and Paul the white onion domes.

The second group of images are from the South Side. I shot the images from a small road-bridge above the church - Saint John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church - and was able to get this spectacular perspective. I'm looking directly at the domes and the church-structure. (My first shots of this structure were from street level and I could not get a decent image of the domes.) Also, in shooting directly at the structures the backdrop is uptown Pittsburgh, the UPMC Office Building and the bluff that Duquesne University sits on. (The thumbnail points to the large image.)