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This site is organized around three sections – journal entries, photo essays and galleries.
The Journal is the most extensive item on the site. And the entries are organized in categories. To see the categories, click on the white box under the journal entries title in the side-bar.
The Photo Essays are a collection of related images. The photo essay contains camera and shooting information for each image.
The Galleries are large collections of images. The images in the galleries are large, but contain no camera or shooting information.

Tips on getting around:

  • Clicking on the fotografie aprigliano logo in the header
    always brings you back to the homepage
  • Clicking thumbnail images will open a gallery, a photo essay or a journal entry
  • In a gallery, click a title to see the photos in that gallery
  • In a gallery, the images rotate through a slide show
  • In a photo essay, click on the thumbnail and see a large version of the image and camera information
  • In the journal list, click on a thumbnail and see the post

The Side-bar

The right hand Side-bar is another navigational option. Click in the white box under each title and you will get a drop-down menu.
The archive title takes you to the old site.

The Footer

The footer reflects the three sections – journal entries, photo essays and galleries – of the web-site. The list below the title is the most recent additions to that section.


Contact Information

mario zinga – pittsburgh, pennsylvania mario’s facebook page mario’s email – mario@zinga.photos